Erecting Process – How long does it take?

Most buildings can be delivered and erected on site in one day provided there is an adequate excess and good ground facility. Machinery and lifting equipment are not normally needed in the process but you do need to make us aware of any potential access difficulty such as narrow entrances, gates and overhead cables.  Please also advise us if 240v single phase power is not available to use on site.

Block work – Can the shed be placed onto a wall?

Yes! But the strength and spec for the wall would need to be sought from an engineer and approximate dimensions given from ourselves.

Do I need a foundation or concrete base?

Smaller garden sheds and garages can be erected on any fairly level hardcore, tarmac or concrete site.  You then have the option to pour a concrete floor or floor screed after the shed is erected.  Larger workshops and garages don’t require expensive foundations but a pre-cast concrete base should be laid.  Technical recommendations are required from us prior to the base being cast.

Can I have PVC windows or doors?

Yes! Both PVC windows and doors can be fitted to your building. Popular colours for these are black/white/brown/oak wood grain and mahogany wood grain.

Can I do without a pedestrian door?

No! You must have a pedestrian door in all buildings especially those fitted with a roller door. This is a safety requirement that in the unlikely event of a roller door failure it is a means of exit or entry to the building. The standard size of this door is 2000mm x 1000m which is lockable from the outside only.  This can also be matched to cladding or flashing colour.

What is the difference between a domestic door and an industrial door?

It is recommended that any door that exceeds 3050mm x 3050mm is of industrial type as they are stronger and more secure. Industrial doors are only available as motorised with an emergency back- up chain attached.  They also can be powder coated or galvanised to match the colour of your cladding or flashings.

What type/sizes of roller door are available?

Most come with a standard manual roller shutter door which is attractively colour coded to match either the cladding colour or flashing colour of your building.  They are available in sizes up to 3050mm x 3050mm.  All roller doors can be motorised and a remote control key fob supplied.  This can be added to your building even at a later stage if required.

What are our cladding types?

We normally use an o.6mm PVC leather grain finish which is of best quality and holds a manufacturers guarantee of 25 years.  It is completely maintenance free and never needs painting.  Cheaper claddings are also available, these are polyester coated and are good quality also but not as durable as the PVC leather grain coated.  They carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years and would require a re-painting after this period.

What cladding profile do we use?

We use only one type of profile which is called 1000 + 28 box type.  This is the most common profile used in domestic, agricultural and industrial buildings.

What are painted frames?

Most frames are painted with a high boiled zinc phosphate paint which can be over painted by customer after shed completion but not necessary especially in non coastal areas.

What are galvanised frames?

Galvanising is a hot dip coating which is a process that involves all the framing to go to a specialist company. This is advisable when the building is being installed near a coastal area and when is being used for agricultural, equestrian purposes etc.

What is non – drip cladding?

This is a fleece type material that is applied to the underside of the roof sheet that acts as a moisture absorber.  This eliminates drips and condensation in frosty and damp weather conditions.

What are trusses?

These are horizontal beams that span the building from left to right to carry the purlins which then carry the roof sheets.  We are the only company that manufactures space saving trusses in all our buildings allowing you maximum headroom inside your building.

What is the framing?

This is the structure of your building. It is normally made from 40mm x 40mm x 2.5mm box section in the smaller of sheds and 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm on larger workshops/garages which is fabricated at our factory and then bolted together on site.

What are Skylights and does my shed need them?

Skylights are a translucent sheet normally fitted on the roof to allow natural sunlight to enter the building.  These sheets normally run from ridge to eaves level although sometimes can run halfway down sides of buildings depending on customers’ requirements.

Does my shed need Guttering?

Guttering is not a necessity but it diverts rainfall to a point at the corner of your building via a downpipe into a gulley. This has to be in situ by customer. Guttering is available in black, white and brown.

What are ridge and eave fillets?

These are a profiled piece of foam like material that is fitted under the ridge cap and at eaves level to prevent drafts, birds etc entering the building.

What is ridge height?

This is the overall height of your building. On smaller garden sheds the ridge height can be as little as 2.0m and on larger garages/workshops can be as high as 5.0m.

What is eaves height?

This is the height of the side wall of your building or sometimes called wall plate level.  Eaves height can be anywhere from 1.80 m – 3.60m on our buildings depending on customers’ requirements.

What is Flashings?

These are the corners/barges and door architraves on the exterior of your building. They are available in all the cladding colours above plus in poppy red and ocean blue. Again, please visit photo gallery on website for samples.

What is Cladding?

This is the exterior of your building.  It is available in various colours:
Juniper Green, Slate Blue, Goose-Wing grey, Merlin Grey, Vandyke brown, Black, White, Olive Green, Mushroom and Terracotta. Please see photo gallery on website for samples.

Where do you deliver?

Distance is no issue.  We will be happy to deliver anywhere in Ireland or UK.

Who will deliver and erect my shed?

Washingbay sheds can deliver and erect all sheds if required.  Flat packs are also available for collection or delivery.